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To Build aVortex Force Reactor simply purchase one each of the above four items and follow these instructions.

You place the return pump in the bottom chamber and run a long piece of tubing through the hole in the bottom tank up into the top Vortex Chamber.  

Seal the hole with Silicone Glue. 


Let the tube drop down into the Vortex Chamber and wrap around the bottom of the Vortex Chamber three times. 

You will need to place a hole in the white strip between the two chambers through which to insert the return pump electric plug cord.


To start the reaction you fill the bottom tank one third of the way up. 

Then you plug the hole in the top Vortex Chamber and fill with water. 

Pull the plug and immediately start the return pump. 

A Vortex will form and you will have a beautiful creature to gaze upon.

The World's First Perpetual Electricity Turbine Vortex Force Reactor.  

The Electric Pet.  Man's Next Best Friend.

New Go Fund Me Campaign To Build Reactor
In order to keep the progress I have made in gettig to this point it is time to build the working reacter that I've promised.  In order to do this I've set up a Go Fund Me Campaign to raise the necessary funds.  Below is a basic list of what the funds will go towards.  Please help by clicking on the link below and contribute what you can.  I may actually have to show the patent examiner a working model to get the patent.  All funds will go toward building and demonstrating the VF PET Reactor.

Ciick Here to view or donate to Go Fund Me Campaign


The Water vortex has fascinated scholars world wide for centuries because of its beauty and power.  

People have been known to stare at a vortex in a clear circular tank for hours while watching it swirl and

undulate as it flows down through its uniquely shaped path.  The huge vortex in the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

 Museum on 42nd Street in New York City carries a plaque that tells of the power of the vortex.  According

to the plaque there was once a natural vortex that swallowed a whole island.  Combing the beauty and pow

er of a water vortex is the purpose of the P.E.T. — Perpetual Electricity Turbine Vortex Force Reactor, now

known as the Electric Pet.  It not only looks beautiful it also produces electricity.


Designed to compete with home solar and wind power systems the electric pet is to be sold along with fish

and fish tanks in pet stores nationwide. Under the Net Metering laws that exist in many states consumers who

produce “green” power are able to sell that power back to the Electric company at the  same price for

which they pay for electricity up to the amount of their monthly bill. That means that a properly sized electric

pet will pay for a consumers electric bill.  And there exist many state and federal programs that will help pay

for the equipment. 


The advantages of the P.E.T. over  wind and solar are numerous including lower cost, ease of installation,

portability and the ability to produce power around the clock regardless of weather conditions.  Add to that

the beauty of the vortex and you can see why the Perpetual Electricity Turbine is man’s next best friend.

The Vortex Force is the same force that is responsible for the creation of Hurricanes and Tornadoes.  It's proper name is the Coriolis Force.  Many people are currently trying different ways to capture this power to make electricity.  The Vortex Force is also a group of men and women who are working to see to it that this promising technology is spread around the world.  

All of that sounds nice but means absolutely nothing until we have a working model to show for our efforts. 

That is the purpose of this web site to record the process that we go about as we try to build a working model of a PET Vortex Force Reactor.  To record the progress of our efforts I will be blogging below as well as posting new videos of the steps we take to bring the world's first PET Vortex Force Reactor into the world.

A lot has happened since starting this site.  

We have built a reactor and sustained a vortex for months at a time using the Zen water purifier body.  

We have registered a patent for the Perpetual Electricity Turbine that will convert the power of the Vortex into electricity.

According to Buckminster Fuller it is better to use products that are already made than to start building the same thing over again.  In light of Bucky's thoughts I have decided that it would be better to design the Perpetual Electricity turbine to fit within the Zen Water Systems Vortex Force Reactor Body that we already have.  It will require a bit of challenge but it also narrows down some of the design elements. 

I am aiming to get four kilowatts from the machine using four one kilowatt high speed generators.  This means building an insert to go between the two chambers of the Zen Reactor Body.  You can see a mock-up of what that will look like at the top left of the page.  The next thing to do is to build an insert for testing purposes.

Vortex Force Reactor - Hydro Generator - Free Electricity - Progress Report

Now that we have successfully created a sustainable water Vortex Reactor it is time to extract electricity from the System.  To my surprise there are quite a few different off-the-shelf products already in existence that will allow one to produce electricity immediately from the Vortex Force Reactor.  Here are some of them. 

To my mind the Vortex Force Reactor acts just like a power line transformer or power booster. In order to get the most power out of the Reactor it makes sense to use a flywheel generator to transform the liquid power of running water into a solid state that can be tapped at will.  I'm pretty sure that the perfect Flywheel generator can already be bought off-the-shelf or made from a water pump turned generator.  Going to check that out soon.  But this report is a good update.

For books on how to tap running water and turn it into electricity Please visit: The Good Works Shop, Affiliate store.

Always wear
Rubber Gloves and Rubber Boots when working with Electricity and Water.

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1. Claudia | July 02, 2013 at 10:59 PM EDT

Yes. There are 2 ways to do it.1. Off the grid. You buy it, you make it, you store it, you use it. Pro: you'll still have lights in a blcoakut.Con: If you don't make enough you sit in the dark. 2. On the grid. You have the equipment to generate power that is then sold to the power co. for storage and sale. They in turn sell you power. You have 2 meters, what you generate turns backward and what you use turns forward, you hope they net to 0 at the end of the month.Pro: you don't need to have the storage on site (batteries) and the power co. will usually give you a partial subsidy for the equipment.Con: dependent on the grid.

2. Dean | August 26, 2013 at 09:57 PM EDT


Curious if you are located in the Phoenix area. Oddly, I have been drawing my own version of vortex power generator for the past couple years and, today!, I saw your website for the first time. I plan to begin the serious design stage and then build a prototype. I have been working in the aerospace business for the past 30+ years and have ample manufacturing capabilities; including rapid prototyping. Just thought I'd drop you a note to say hello and to see, again by chance if you were local to me.

Best regards,

Dean Evans


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